Wismec RX200—the Hottest TC Box Mod Beyond Your Imagination!

Wismec RX200—the Hottest TC Box Mod Beyond Your Imagination!
Cacuq, one of the biggest suppliers of e-cigarettes of famous Chinese brands, dedicates to offering better services for e-cigarette wholesalers around the world.

Why this TC box mod Wismec RX200 is so popular globally among Cacuq’s supplied e-cigarettes? Are there any advantages I can get if I buy this mod? What are the selling points of this product? We have got several thousands of new Wismec RX200 in our stock for a surging number of customers from the world have come to Cacuq for this hot-sale box mod, one of the biggest suppliers dedicated to offering better services for e-cigarettes wholesalers around the world. As a senior editor working in Cacuq for more than two years, I hope to bring you latest news and information for this wonderful box mod. The following points may compose of the reasons why this TC box mod is incredibly prevailing among vapers.

1. Overview of the Wismec RX200
The RX200, a new version of Reuleaux series, designed by JayBo, still features the use of three removable 18650 batteries and reverse polarity protection. However, the new and powerful chip has a maximum output of 200 watts and advanced temperature control functions including Titanium, Nickel and Stainless Steel modes. The upgradeable firmware and vibrant color options separate this from the rest.

2. My Analysis in Selling Points of Wismec RX200
The special body shape and the fresh color
The hexagonal and cylindrical body shape and the beautiful mixed color design which are quite rate in the market may consist two of the selling points that attract customers’ eyesight the first time they know this box mod. This shape design makes the whole mod compact for the three 18650 cells. The green and white color gives you fresh and energetic feeling, which is beloved by multiple e-cig wholesalers on earth and the all-black mod brings you a stable, quiet and classic feeling which suits all groups of vapers.

he multifunctional high-tech protection and upgradeable firmware
The Upgradeable firmware: You can upgrade your firmware through the micro USB port. Moreover, the upgradeable firmware will make you keep up with the vaping evolution.
Onboard Reverse Polarity Protection: Reverse polarity protection can be successfully achieved by the application of special battery anti reverse circuit adopted in the circuit board.

Intelligent 200W output temperature control with four modes
Powerful with the maximum output of 200W, the optional TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS and VW mode will provide you with different vaping experiences. The NI, TI and SS are the common wire materials in the market, which means you can make full use of different coil heads by replacing them in this TC box mod and the VW mode is also another common choice for another vaping experience, saving you more money and time to choose coil heads and mods. This is the real all-in-one box mod!
In the end, we kindly suggest you to take out the lithium-batteries from the device and then charge the cells while you can also recharge them via USB cable. The above points are the main selling points of Wismec 200W TC box mod. You are welcomed to focus on Cacuq’s blogs and please feel free to say,” cut that crap!”

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