Teslacigs Stealth

Since the year of 2016, the atomizer inlaid e-cig kits have been on a growing demand and many brands have pushed these types of items.Not long before, the discussion center—-Smoant Knight V1 is this type of e-cigs and after that,PUFF launched another type of inner kit—-Smoant Knight V1.The features of these type avoid the risk of embarrass that a big mod heads on a long atomizer, on the contrary ,the new design coordinates the atomizer with the box,making it looks more harmonious on the outlook.

Recently,Stealth followed the step to launch a new type of embedded atomizer AIO kit—-Stealth, which specialties separates from other embedded types rely on its “MINI” orientation,a tiny mod combines with a tiny atomizer built-in on the basis of the inbuilt battery, which has narrowed the size to a new level.

After the launch, the inlaid atomizer-Shadow has grapped vapers’ eyes for The Tesla always follow the way of producing boxes or mods,not the atomizes,so the maiden work is attractive.The “Shadow” utilizes the stainless steel coil ,for the reason of which has become the new favorite of the manufacturers.

The Teslacigs Stealth is a groundbreaking product geared towards both new and veteran vapers. It features a 2200mAh internal LiPo battery. This device outputs voltage based on resistance with a maximum output of 100W. The main feature of the Teslacigs Stealth is its ability hide tanks up to 22.5mm in diameter. This provides an easy to use stealth vaping setup. Other features include a ergonomically designed top fire button, and on-board USB charging.

Following I will first list the features of the new-born.First, The Teslacigs Stealth utilizes a 22.5mm diameter tank slot to hide tanks “under the surface”. This makes the mod much easier to carry around throughout the day. It will accommodate most of sub tanks and RTAs that are currently on the market. Then, The Teslacigs Stealth is a very portable device for it comfortably fits into a pocket without the worry of auto firing. When compared to many other devices on the market, it is much shorter than the others. The stunning looks of the Stealth is largely due to its small size. Though with the small size, the Teslacigs Stealth will support most atomizers up to 22.5mm without any problem. The device has been specifically designed to fit some of the most commonly used sub tanks on the market today. When paired with a top fill tank, filling becomes much easier than before.

The next I want to mention is the battery. The Teslacigs Stealth can also be used as a pass-through vaping device. When the battery is dead, the mod can be vaped while plugged in via micro USB. No more waiting for your battery to finish charging, just keep on vaping! Also, The rubberized finish on the Stealth makes holding it a comfortable experience. Never again worry about a mod being slippery enough to fall out of your hands. Along with this, the top fire button is slanted in order to make it easier to fire up the device.The Teslacigs Stealth is powered by a 1 cell LiPo battery rated at 2200mAh,using LiPo battery is more security than lithium ion batteries. Additionally, the chipset has built-in protection features to keep you and your device safe. The amp limit on this device comes in at 40A, ensuring a safe vaping experience.

Last but not least,The Teslacigs Stealth is compatible with most of low resistance coils. Feel free to blow huge clouds with this device,the device will fire down to .1 ohms. Just don’t worry and keep vaping on. Along with multiple protections built into the chipset such as long puffing protection,overvoltage protection, low resistance protection, and charging protection, the Stealth calm the vapers and made users can feel safe every time they use this device.The Teslacigs Stealth comes in two different packaging styles. The first is a mod only package that includes a stylish plastic stand to display the mod. And the starter kit package has two drawer compartments containing the mod, along with all of the extra parts. The body package simply includes the mod, along with a vertical stand to display the device.

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