Review of The SMOK H-Priv Kit: The Cool Boy

The first sight of when I first unboxed the SMOK H-Priv Kit, i am impressed by its cool appearance: the H-Priv uses what SMOK call a plastic “red triangle design” firing bar that runs almost the length of the mod. The H-Priv mod is without a doubt the star of this kit. Design-wise, it is one of the best-looking devices I have ever used, borrowing the most appealing elements of the SMOK X Cube 2 and SMOK R200 TC and combining them in three very inspired color schemes – black with red trim, white with red trim and silver with red trim. If I had to choose, I would definitely go for the black and red, but that’s just a subjective choice. SMOK were kind enough to send me all three variants and I can tell you that they all look stunning. Ever since the X Cube 2 came out last year, I knew they had a very talented and creative design team, and they confirmed my opinion with the R200, but the H-Priv is their best work yet.

In addition, the display screen and up/down adjustment buttons are located on the mod’s top plate between the 510 connector on one end and the red firing bar that runs down the other side. Relatively few mods are designed with a top-mounted display, and especially not one of such generous size as the H-Priv. Beyond that, the H-Priv offers menu options for changing how long the screen is illuminated before shutting off (to save battery power) and for lowering the contrast of the OLED screen for a stealthier vape experience. Screen brightness is adequate for indoor vaping, but in bright sunlight? Probably not.There are a couple of interesting things here. First up, the new Smok H-Priv 220 watt mod is obviously quite powerful and it has some very unique features. Next, the kit comes with a Micro TFV4 tank, and the TFV4 tank is absolutely one of the best. Our Smok H-Priv 220 watt TC mod kit review will cover all the details but right off the bat, playing spoiler, you will be thrilled to know that this complete kit, including coils and accessories, sells for less than $70.

This is a high quality vape starter kit and one of the top values I have come across. Smok products are proven performers. The Smok Treebox mod is one of my favorite mods and the XCube has drawn rave reviews from across the vaping world. The Smoktech H-Priv TC mod is smaller than the XCube and will work with every type of TC coil as well as variable power mode.

Remove the plastic battery door by sliding is out. It sits on the bottom of the mod, and removing it is certainly easy enough. The annoyance comes into play when you try to insert two batteries and return the battery cover to where it belongs.Battery placement is one battery with the positive side up, and one with the negative side up, look for the indicators next to the battery slots.Sony and Samsung batteries were tried (30amp) with the SMOK H-Priv 200W TC, and attempting to slide the battery door into the grooves, and then back into place took me 30 minutes on the first attempt, and every attempt thereafter took 10-15 minutes, plus or minus a minute. It is the struggle among struggles, and it could have been easily avoided had SMOK created the battery cover with a permanent hinge, so that all the user would need to do is lift the cover, insert the batteries, and close.

Inner structure:
I open with this particular annoyance only because Smok tells its potential customers that the battery cover is simple, fast, and magnetized, leaving the impression that the cover is something it is not. If in fact the door is magnetized, its magnetized to an extent that it is impossible for me tell.My second ‘gripe’ about the SMOK H-Priv 200W TC is the zinc alloy body. The body is painted, thank God, unlike the X-Cube’s horrible zinc-alloy oxidized finish, but even through the paint that ‘stick to your skin’ zinc alloy property gives it a weird feeling, despite the fact that it is anything but. Though, in some ways it’s not a gripe, because if anything, a zinc alloy body for a mod is very light in comparison to stainless steel and other materials. So, if you don’t mind a zinc alloy you’re appreciate the weight of the H-Priv.

We don’t talk about it much in the vape world, but power buttons can be a problem. They wear out over time and unless you know how to rebuild a box mod and can find the pieces, your device is rendered useless even if firmware is up-to-date and the screen is intact.Switches can easily be pressed in error and they are not always comfortable to press for long periods of time as you heat up to inhale your e juice vapor. SMOK prevents you from suffering stiffness, accidental deployment, or a broken-down button with their side-panel activator.This is more than a button; the panel is a feature of the frame which fits into your hand so you can press comfortably and naturally for ten seconds at a time.

SMOK’s set contains the H-Priv and their iconic TFV4 Mini RBA. The Mini is as effective as the original but in a smaller size to better match the dimensions of narrow tanks. The H-Priv measures 25 mm at its narrowest point so it could have handled a bit more width, but with the box’s length of 91 mm, a smaller tank is much appreciated.The TFV4 Mini holds 2.5 ml of liquid, is 510-threaded, and there are loads of compatible coil configurations including Clapton and temperature-sensitive materials. Vapers can also buy a deck and build their own coils.The H-Priv itself is a massively powerful machine at 220W maximum. Set your output through a range from very low wattage to this highest point by using the buttons next to your top-mounted screen. These are two skinny switches placed narrow-end to narrow-end like a pair of eyebrows.The H-Priv works in the Variable Watt setting but also as a Temperature Control device to make use of the TFV4’s flexibility with e juices and Ni 200 or Titanium coils.

The SMOK H-Priv 200W TC is an intelligent box mod, with a built-in Adjustable Initial Resistance system that prevents any coil head contact SMOK H-Priv 220W TC Box Mod REVIEW SPINFUEL EMagazineproblems that plague some other, lesser, mods, as well as an auto sensing system that allows for a solid consistency with every pull on the drip tip of the atomizer attached.With respect to its Temperature Control features there isn’t much new to report; it works with Ni200 (pure nickel) Ti (Titanium) and Stainless Steel, (which works with TC and VW). The usual temperature range of 200-600 Fahrenheit is the same with the SMOK H-Priv 200W TC, and you can set the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Most TC mods do this as well.

If you’re not very familiar with SMOK box mods, their new H-Priv 220V TC device must come across as a very different and intriguing design, but if you’ve been following their older releases, you can almost immediately tell that the H-Priv is actually a combination between two of their most popular units – the highly acclaimed X Cube 2 and the compact yet very powerful R200 – both of which I’ve had the pleasure to review in the past. As far as I can tell, with the H-Priv SMOK have basically taken the strengths of their previous two releases and combined them to create an overall superior device.

I can say with some certainty that I like the SMOK H-Priv 200W TC a whole lot more than I do the X Cube II. I don’t much care about the 220w of power, I simply don’t need that much, but I like this box mod (White/Red), and I would not hesitate to recommend it, in any color combo, to someone asking for my opinion about it.By the way ,if you want to take it with you ,you can go to Cacuq to buy for they have a big activity on July.

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