Experience with IJOY Tornado Nano

IJOY Tornado Nano1
The abstract style of totem on the outside look of the box of the “Tornado” seems like a real tornado and also the vapor of the vapers,which arouse many people’s imagination of this type of kit.Surely, the cool figure comes from the Tornado Nano.I have been tasting Tornado for a long time and it totally overturned my previous views on RTA.I have been having a special feel for the atomizers launched by Ijoy and this time, due to the changing color of the tank of Nano,as long as the chip coil with LED and the DIY accessiries,i was frimly attracted by her!Following,i will share my experience of the “Tornado” for you.By the way ,i bought the item on Cacuqecig—the most comprehensive and convenient e-cigs web online,you can find whatever news or knowledge about vaping on Cacuqecig.Let’s back to the topic.
IJOY Tornado Nano2
Let’s first see the box outlook,on the base of the yellow shading,there is a black pattern of tornado, the black dot on the top right corner shows the color of your atomizer and under which,there are the white letters,when touch,there is a sense of concavo-convex.I though it firmly proves the meticulousness and elegance of the manufacturer. On the reverse side,there are specifications of the kit and the most important thing is that there is serial number with which you can see whether is a fake or true on the official wed.
IJOY Tornado Nano3
The structure is simple and clear so the niwbies can handle and figure out easily.The drip tip and the top cap are all-in-one combined with each other and handy to be installed and during your daily use ,the drip tip can customize different kinds of e-juices,the airholes are straight that it can improve the taste of the vapor and have a sight of the huge vapor.Besides,the open of the top can make the refuel easy.Last,on the bottom is another cutout,on which we can clean the residues .On the two flanks,the big vent holes can demand your different needs for tastes by adjusting the amount of vent intuitively.
IJOY Tornado Nano4
IJOY Tornado Nano is the first tank offer a well balance between RTA and sub ohm tank system.It is inspired by RTA system, but beyond imagination for a RTA tank.It offers a great second choice for vapers who enjoy RTA vapor system which offer the great taste,cloud vapor but don’t feel like to DIY their own coil.It intends to offer a most convenient way to use a RTA tank.The built deck features with 18.6mm deck diameter,with a two post dual terminal design with 2mm diameter terminals that for a variety of built configurations.Besides,it designed a super cool sub-ohm tank system,which built-in an innovative chip inside,it can offer Tornado Nona a great cooling system, more durable together a affordable price,the coil also feature with a totally leak-free design.Finally, IJOY Tornado Nano features with top fill design and 4mm of tank capacity,simply and effective design you can’ t miss .
IJOY Tornado Nano5
Featuring the innovative build-in chip coil, which is mainly used for electrical conductivity and heat dissipation, Tornado Nano a real chip inside tank. It also comes with 18.6 mm Two Post RTA coil, featuring screwing the screws from the top, allowing for easy mounting of dual coil builds.Combining a color change glass, users can get more fun on the IJOY Tornado Nano. When exposed to sunlight, or vaping for a while, the glass becomes translucent. All coatings are glass exterior, completely safe and harmless. This is one of the best choice right now!The top section unscrews easily revealing 2 large filling chasms, this is my favorite filling method,filling it in straight through the bottle. It’s so convenient! Let’s have a look at this RBA section. 4 hole dual post affair with lots of room for wicking.
IJOY Tornado Nano7
IJOY Tornado Nano6
On this part ,i will list the advantages and disadvantages of Tornado.
1.The structure is simple and intuititive,also convenient for cleaning and installing;
2.Refuel on the top with a big open,which is efficient and handy;
3.On the bottom, you can adjust visually the vent;
4.You can have both big mouthpiece matched short drip tip or a small mouthpiece combined with long drip tip on your daily use;
5.DIY or made-up articles can meet different demand;
6.Huge vapor and original taste;
7.The temperature of the drip tip is less than the resistence of 50w ,which is accessible;

1.The condensing agent will flow out on the bottom and you should clean from time to time;
2.The black color will cover the capacity of the amount of consuming oil;
3.The stomizer is suitble for directly to lung,or you will be choked by the vapor;
4.Suitable for high VG contained e-juice and when the resistence comes to 50w,it will fuse;
5.The e-juice is comsumed fast .

Diameter: 24.2 mm
Capacity: 4 ml
Chip Coil: 0.3ohm (40W – 80W)
Deck: 18.6mm two post
Thread: Direct To Contact 24K Gold Plated 510
Filling: Top Filling System
Drip Tip: Delrin Drip Tip (510 compatible)
Material: Stainless Steel and Glass
IJOY Tornado Nano8

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