Designing and High-tech is the Key to Permanent Success of Electronics

Products are bought because customers need them and the reason of demand is from the value of the products themselves. Designing and High-tech of electronics always take account of a large part of value in satisfying people’s demands towards a product. E-cigarettes, as one kind of varied electronic products, are also needed and different for a creative and special design and the high-tech that makes the product more functional and user-friendly. Designing and high-tech may account for very important and essential points that increase the value of the product. Here are some new and hot-sale products that haven been rather prevailing in global market. Why these products are popular among worldwide customers? Let’s have a look!
What technologies may take a key part of high-tech usage in vape products?
1.Large OLED display of the Touch Box 100W box mod
SMY Team published a new generation product, touch screen temperature control box Mod, that’s SMY Touch Box 100W kit. It comes with 2600mah built-in Li battery and with 100W Wattage output. The Touch Box 100W kit is with four wire heads for different resistance and supports VW, SS-TF, Ni200-TC, Ni200-TF, Ti-TC, Ti-TF and DIY modes. The beautiful appearance, large OLED display and two built-in cells of 1300mah capacity all make this box mod a sense of High-quality and High-tech sense. Without the development of large screen technology, e-cigs can have the large even huge display effect. Look at the screen of Touch Box 100W, and you can find that this box mod is very attractive and exquisite.
SMY Touch Box 100W kit
2.The upgradeable firmware is available leading to a smarter age
Powerful yet more intelligent, the new iStick TC100W is skillfully engineered with the latest temperature control system. Not only does the iStick TC100W feature its magnetic covers for ease of replacing your 18650 cells, it also presents you with upgradable firmware and switchable TC(Ni/Ti/SS/TCR)/VW/Bypass modes. In addition, an ergonomically designed shape with hidden button is for better grip action. The upgradeable firmware tech of the istick TC100W is merely one example of this tech and will be largely applied in e-cig research and production. This feature also indicates the importance of high-tech usage in electronic products.
iStick TC100W
What points deserve our attention for better designing of vape products
1.The creative and special design of the body shape
The RX200, a new version of Reuleaux series, designed by JayBo, still features the use of three removable 18650 batteries and reverse polarity protection. However, the new and powerful chip has a maximum output of 200 watts and advanced temperature control functions including Titanium, Nickel and Stainless Steel modes. The upgradeable firmware and vibrant color options separate this from the rest. The special shape of this box mod is a rather attractive among other mods, like women’s beautiful clothes making them more beautiful.
2.The special structure design of a product makes it more functional and user-friendly.
The Encom Voidray 60W is a true tough guy on the vaping market. Encom’s official video shows that all the crazy scratches or drops can’t damage it at all. The mod features temperature control and has a unique battery compartment design. It is the battery case design of this mod that makes this product creative and different from most products in market. This is one case of the structure design that shows us the importance of creative design in electronic products!

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