Cacuq Flavorist SS E juice Bottle—The Little Thing Free You from Trouble

Cacuq, one of the biggest suppliers of e-cigarettes of famous Chinese brands, dedicates to offering better services for e-cigarette wholesalers around the world.

Cacuq has recently initiated a brand new e juice bottle globally made by itself—the very first e juice bottle designed and manufactured by Cacuq. We have huge numbers of customers all over the world and some of them have inquired this e juice bottle frequently. So far, we have sent samples to most of them and get bulk orders in many countries. We commit to give you more preferences and better services for our customers on the product—Cacuq Flavorist E juice Bottle!

1. Short Description of the Cacuq Flavorist SS E juice Bottle
This SS Tobacco Oiler is an amazing e-liquid bottle released by Cacuq. Fully constructed with stainless steel, the SS e juice bottle keeps your e juice as fresh as it gets. It is delicately designed to give you a clean and noble look. Now do not hesitate and just grab it and enjoy a more on-the-go vaping!

2. Main Features of the Cacuq Flavorist E juice bottle
More personalized packing, with stainless snap hook, easy to hang on your bags and belt loops.
Comfort grip feeling, perfect size for holding without sheltering the e juice needle
Can inject e juice up to 1.2ml with only one press (0-1.2ml)
Adjustable e juice filling, suitable for RDA tank better
Added clear window, easy to check oil at any time
Easy to fill e juice with a wider bore

3. Personal Experience on this product
This E juice bottle is made by high-quality stainless steel, and light in weight. I find it is very user-friendly and functional the first time I try it. It is designed as portable and useful owing to the sling and scale design. Only with one press of the button you can get e juice up to 1.2ml. It is very easy and convenient to take it to vape with no burden wherever you hang out with your friends! I believe you won’t regret to own this necessary and cost-effective e juice bottle!

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